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Gases & Gas Mixture

Gases and Gas mixture are formulated using best scientific ingredients and are extensively used in different industries. These gases and mixtures have a variety of medical applications such as diagnosing anesthesia, lung efficiency, blood gas analysis, carbon dioxide gas is united with other gases to offer atmosphere for biological study. Our offered gases are highly appreciated for their purity and environment friendliness. These gases are highly demanded in industries such as automobile industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry.

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Industrial Gases

Industrial Gases are offered to our clients in high pressure cylinders in diverse capacities that range from small and medium sized to large sizes. These gases are filled in very strong and safe cylinders and are provided in different quantities. These gases are basically used in industrial processes, such as fertilizer, semiconductors, steelmaking, oil refining etc. We offer these gases to the clients at very affordable prices.

Applications :
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Stack monitoring in Steel making
  • Emission testing in Automobile industry
  • Gas for discharge light used in Lamp industry
  • Food processing and food packaging Industries
  • Furnaces in metallurgical and chemical industries
  • Process control gas mixture in Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Refinery industries
  • Instrument support gas mixture for Nuclear Counter and Proportional Counter

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UHP Grade Gases

We offer UHP Grade gases of a variety of grades on purity or grade like electronic grade, instrumentation grade, and commercial grade to meet your precise demands and applications. Further, we provide specialty gas control equipments of accurate specification to precisely maintain the needed purity of use. These ultra high purity gases contain the lowest levels of critical impurities available on the market. When united with other technology, it ensures product consistency, reliable analytical results and trouble free operation.

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Binary Gas Process Mixtures ( P10, P5, Ar + CO2 etc..)

Binary Gas Process Mixtures (P10, P5, AR+ CO2 etc) are made available to the clients in a variety of forms, ranging from simple binary to more complex binary mixtures. These gases are formulated under the supervision of our experts to make sure that these are in conformity with the prescribed formula. Further, the gases are packed in air tight pressure cylinders of diverse capacities, varying from small & medium sizes to large sizes, so as to meet the diverse requirements and demands of the customers.

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Process Gas Mixtures

Process Gas Mixtures offered by us supports you throughout with your production chain, ranging from raw materials storage to handling the end-product finishing and by products management. These mixtures are recognized for safe and environment friendly attributes and leads to greater overall cost-effectiveness and higher quality manufacturing standards. Safety and preservation of the environment are amongst our utmost values. We engineer solutions that are sternly acquiescent with all standards concerning the two issues while maintaining quality controls essential to make sure the purity and accuracy levels for which our products are known.

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Welding Gas Mixtures

Welding Gas Mixtures are excellent depth of weld penetration and has greater gap bridging with stronger plate joins producing quality welds. This mixture helps in smoothly weld surface finish and posses good mechanical characteristics. Helps in increasing welding speeds, it also increase puddle fluidity that may make out-of-position welding more difficult. A blend of Ar and oxygen (O2) is generally used for conventional and pulsed spray transfer on clean, plain carbon and stainless steel.

We offer a range of Welding Mixtures for specific applications:
Gas Mixtures Type of Weld Metal
Argon + Nitrogen Auto Bulbs Copper & Alloys
Argon + Oxygen MIG Stainless Steel
Argon + Carbon Dioxide MIG Welding Mild Steel carbon Steel
Argon + Hydrogen TIG Welding Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

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Generic Mixtures

Chemtron offers best generic mixtures to match the requirements of the clients. The mixtures are rigorous, as they take into account all characteristics, including dependencies amid variables introduced by the preparation process. These mixtures ensure absolute purity and high effectiveness. Clients can avail these mixtures for us at very affordable prices.

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Calibration Gas mixture

Calibration Gas mixture is restricted only by the chemical and physical properties, safety norms health, and the stability and quality of the finishing mixture. We provide our clients the preparation tolerance and certification accuracy of any desired composition, as per the mixture components. We formulate mixture using extremely accurate gravimetric / volumetric methods traceable to national physical laboratory customary masses. Our advanced imported computerized gas chromatograph system helps us attaining higher accuracy and precision for each gas mixture. This gas mixture is made by gravimetric / volumetric techniques in conformity with national & international standards & is traceable to NPL, India.

Suitable Cylinder treatment and principles are chosen on chemical properties of mixtures & are evaluated by a variety of state of art imported, indigenous instruments like analyzers, gas chromatograph, comprised of the variety of detectors system (FID, TCD, FPD, PID), optional methods & different wet chemicals absolute techniques for measurement as per international standards like ASTM, BIS or IS.

We use more than 3 sophisticated imported mass comparator balances which can weigh from heaviest of cylinders along with accurateness of 0.001 gm and micro equilibriums for micro gm weighing for specialized mfg superior accuracy liquid mixtures and gravimetric mixtures with weights traceable to NPL, India.

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Portable Calibration Gas mixture

Portable Calibration Gas mixture is required in many applications for the use of lesser non-standard cylinders, to help where gas quantities, size or weight can be a consideration. These systems for water vapor, ammonia, hydrogen chloride, and mercury is complicated and span gas is not available for each component. On the standard of the dynamic evaporation of liquids and the constant addition of carries gas, a portable calibration gas generator was designed. Accuracy and the reproducibility are similar with the quality of certified cylinder span gas or even better.

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Custom Research Grade Gas Mixtures

Custom Research Gas Mixtures addresses developing demands of the specialty gas industry. These mixtures provide international sales of compressed gas materials as well as fabrication and design of gas dilution and analytical systems.

Custom Gas works in the following research areas:
  • University Research Projects
  • Industrial Gas Systems/Custom gas mixtures
  • Manufacturer/Distributor Hazardous Gas Mixtures
  • Therapeutic Medical gas research and delivery systems

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